The SuperSkills Program :The SuperSkills progrm is for Top players at the 02 / 03 and 04 level. These players  are invited from all over the Northeast to participate in a 1 hour high level skills session followed by anorganized scrimmage with and against some of the players the boys play against every week during the season. This is a chance to battle against and make friends with talented players from all over New England. This Spring / Summer 2018 we are targeting Saturdays and some Sundays in the mid morning. Check website for periodic updates.

The Development Group: Focuses on assembling talented players at the 02, 03 and 04  age groups to  create  opportunities for these players to skate in front of some of the top Prep School coaches in New England. Our Development Group hosts Prospects Prep Profile Skates throughout the year. The program consists of players that play on some of the top teams in the North East and includes instructors that have taught at the highest level and work individually with our players as well as in the group setting. 

Prospects Hockey Development Group provides players with focused instruction in a competitive, fun environment. We provide a unique opportunity to:

  • develop exceptional skills

  • improve existing weaknesses

  • mature proficiencies

  • form lifelong friendships

  • have a lot of fun!

  • gain exposure to different schools

We created this program because we saw outstanding talent not maximizing full potential in traditional programs. The best way to improve any skill is to challenge one’s self in a competitive environment, to set personal goals and to create a plan to accomplish them. This supplemental program offers a stimulating environment for players to develop their talent and gain an education that will elevate their passion for ice hockey.
Why should you select Prospects Hockey Development Group?
That is simple.  We are hockey guys.  We love hockey.  We enjoy being with our kids and want to share this awesome sport with them. 
Over the years, our kids have worked with some of the best instructors in the Northeast. We know that it is smarter to bring the instructors to the kids rather than shuffle the kids all over New England. 

With the Prospects Hockey Development model, you come to one place and we give your player outstanding training at an affordable price. Our model allows your player to be challenged both by his peers and by our exceptional coaching staff.  We believe this program will lead to maximum skill development and provide superior instruction.



Prospects Hockey Development Group has 2 programs for our players to succeed in